Friday, January 12, 2007

McCain Announcing on Tuesday in SC?

There is an email being circulated among Republican activists in Charleston, SC claiming a "historic" announcement being made by Senator John McCain there on Tuesday. The email stops short of providing specifics on the announcement.

There are only a few things that John McCain could say that would be "major." Since he's unlikely to switch his position on Iraq or leave the Republican Party, odds are that he's making his entry into the Presidential race official.

He wouldn't be the first candidate to announce in Charleston. In 2003, John Kerry announced for President on an aircraft carrier in Charleston Harbor. McCain's presumed choice of location for an announcement is significant because in modern history, no Republican has won his party's nomination for President without winning the South Carolina Republican Primary.

The McCain folks are mum. So far, inquiries at his Senate office and the Straight Talk America Committee have been not been returned. I'll update you if I get further confirmation.


Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

You may be right, Lane! McCain is the strongest candidate for the GOP and to keep pushing for the Iraq war after President Bush is out of office.

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