Monday, January 22, 2007

Pull out the Flip Flops for McCain

John McCain is all over the place on the War in Iraq. Take a moment to visit ThinkProgress, which is the blog of the Center for American Progress. They have a scoop on an article to be published tomorrow in a new Capitol Hill newspaper, in which McCain blasts Cheney over Iraq strategy.

Basically, McCain was the original supporter of escalating the war in Iraq, once proposing many more troops than the 21,500 being deployed. Now, as the popularity of the war reaches drastic new lows, McCain is changing his position quicker than Cheney returns calls to oil execs. The Arizona Senator knows there is no viable exit strategy in Iraq and is making early moves to distance himself so it doesn't doom his nascent Presidential bid.

He had a dismal performance on Meet the Press yesterday. I'm a clip of the interview below. Even in his remarks yesterday, he is praising the escalation and questioning those who don't. Yet, his comments attacking Cheney is all about his mishandling of the war. Would the real John McCain please stand up?

On a separate issue, this video clip is directly responding to an add that MoveOn is running in Iowa and NH. That ad is a part of the video clip. In his response, McCain slams 527's and claims to have tried to get rid of them. 527's did not exist until the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act became law in 2002. From the Washington Post on April 6, 2006:

The 527 committees, named for a section of the tax law, are tax-exempt rganizations that use voter mobilization and issue-based ads to influence federal elections. They grew in importance after the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign finance law barred federal candidates and national parties from accepting unlimited donations from individuals, unions and corporations.

There was an effort to pretty much repeal the major provisions of McCain-Feingold:

The House approved campaign finance legislation last night that would benefit Republicans by placing strict caps on contributions to nonprofit committees that spent heavily in the last election while removing limits on political parties' spending coordinated with candidates.

The bill passed 218 to 209 in a virtual party-line vote.

Lifting party spending limits would aid Republican candidates because the GOP has consistently raised far more money than the Democratic Party. Similarly, barring "527" committees from accepting large unregulated contributions known as "soft money" would disadvantage Democrats, whose candidates received a disproportionate share of the $424 million spent by nonprofit committees in 2003-2004.

So, yes, they tried to get rid of 527's. But, at the same time, they tried to repeal the law banning unlimited contributions to the National Parties. What a crock.

Yet another flip flop for Senator McCain. This guy must be losing it.


Adam Fulford said...

Flip-flop is right. John McCain stands for nothing but his own ravenous hunger for power, and will say or do anything to get it (a "whore"). That said, he is different from the vast majority of other fascists in politics, who truly are synonymous to hypocrisy (Chickenhawk-in-Chief George W. Bush, Dick "War-Profiteer" Cheney) and the overwhelmingly fascist media (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly), since he actually fought in a war. I acknowledge his "street-cred" to that extent, more than can be said for the other extremist war-mongers in the US gov't. Sadly he exhibits disturbing signs of being mentally unhinged -- e.g. the instability of his beliefs, such as those that you've documented. The creep is certainly not fit to be a candidate for president; a candidate for psychiatric treatment, maybe.

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