Friday, February 9, 2007

Hands off my Speaker!

I am just about sick and tired of the time, effort, and attention that has been focused on the mode of transportation that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uses to get from DC to California. CNN reports that House Republicans spent hours on the House floor yesterday saying things like "Democrats are abusing their power." That's crap.

Let's make this REAL simple. The United States Government provides the Speaker of the House secure, military transportation when engaging in official travel. The Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives requested that the military provide her with a plane that did not require refueling during the cross country trip, per security guidelines.

The House Republicans are not only disingenuous, they are wasting time that could be better spent. Perhaps they want to avoid talking about important issues. Issues, like, say.....a pointless war for which we are sacrificing thousands of lives. Yeah, that is probably more important than which plane the military uses to shuttle the Speaker between Washington and California.

Move on!


Dick Small said...

I know Ms. Pelosi's going to do a great job. You have to give us Republicans time to get over it. After all, we've pretty much had a blank check for years.... ah, the good old days.. I could cry, really..

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