Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Message to Dem Leadership: America is giving you a time table

Today's "deal" between the Democratic Leadership in the Congress can be framed in more than one way. At the end of the day, nothing has really changed the course of the war in Iraq. It's that simple.

The Democratic Leadership needs to understand something. In November, the American people elected you to control the United States Congress.That's a big deal. The number one thing they want you to do is change the course of the war in Iraq.

Thus far, you're failing. Now, you've got your own time table. If you aren't able to pass meaningful legislation in September that will begin the process of bringing our troops home, then you will lose credibility with us, the American People.


Anonymous said...

I would have contacted you via email, but apparently you are unavailable. I just emailed this to huffingtonpost.

... I have never seen a site online that used censurship to such an extreme. Post after post removed - no profanity, no ad hominem attacks, not off topic ... removed - in my opinion - for the vanity or ego of the blogger.

Your site, in all honesty is the singular worse site I have ever experienced - honest. I am so disgusted by the way you protect the egos and vanity of bloggers like Dershowitz, Efron, Hudson, Learsy, Ridley and more (Begalla is a model - he has integrity unlike Huffington) that frankly the world should understand that Huffingtonpost is a censuring fraud.

I will make it a point to spread the word.


My account is JLB

... you are on that list. I have no idea if you are removing posts, are aware of removed posts or what. It doesnt happen with all bloggers, but happens consistently with particular bloggers - you are one.

My email is JimBodkins at yahoo dot com (which is a commercial account) if you care to comment.

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