Wednesday, December 13, 2006

BUSH "Won't be rushed...."

Our not so esteemed Commander in Chief, in the midst of consultations on Iraq, valiantly declared that he won't be rushed to a decision regarding Iraq. He began the press conference nearly twenty minutes late, seeming to underscore that point.

But, then he revealed during the question and answer period that he changed his speech at the last minute. He even declared something along the lines of "I didn't know what I wanted to say." So, he reverted to the same overused message that has driven his approval rating to a permanent home in the 30's.

We've now been in Iraq for nearly half a decade. "Mission Accomplished" was declared by Bush so long ago that I barely remember it. Nearly 3,000 American soldiers have paid the ultimate price for Bush's Iraq policy. Tens of thousands of others are injured, some permanently disabled.

This President was sent a very loud message by Americans on November 7. Instead of insisting he won't be rushed, he needs to be asking "how quickly can I rush?" Instead, the arrogance and short-sightedness of Bush and his Administration still dominate his public comments.

How many more lives will we lose and how many more billions will we spend before the Commander in Chief loses his political tone deafness? Bush doesn't seem to care how long it takes. Not a good sign.