Friday, January 5, 2007

Hillary is In

Yesterday, one of the swearing in parties I attended was Hillary Clinton's. At that party, I pointed out Terry McAuliffe to one of my house guests from Michigan. Soon after, he stepped out of the Dirksen Senate Office Building to smoke a cigarette.

While engaged in his cancer-causing activity, he witnessed McAuliffe exit the building. While getting in a car, he commented to someone that they would "be seeing a lot more of him from now on."

From the next best thing to the horse's mouth. Hillary is running for President.

This assertion has now been confirmed by a source independent of sidewalk smokers, someone who actually works in the political arena and has first hand knowledge that Senator Clinton WILL indeed be running for President.


Human said...

Too bad. I'll work hard to defeat her. Wrong on so many fronts.
The worst being a strong member of the Mighty MIC.

Anyone who voted for the American - Iraq War is disqualified. She still is backing the ongoing slaughter.

Nothing new for the Clintons. Just ask the parents of 2 boys murdered in Mena Ark.


Michael said...

Hillary will be "all about me" and not about building a 50 state strong Democratic Party and a strong Democratic Majority in Congress. Plus, to me she is the female "McCain" and he is the male "Hillary".

Hillary Clinton, unlike Edwards, refuses to repudiate her vote on the Iraq War. Indeed, when she was on the Today show, she said she would support more troops in Iraq with a 'defined mission', she is for free trade, and so many other issues that will not be what progressives are for.

She doesn't support same sex marriage, has strongly implied that she really is "pro life" friendly and on so many issues she "triangulates".

I can only hope that Edwards and even someone like Bill Richardson or Al Gore gets the nomination.

My concerns with Obama is his lack of experience and his conservative evangelical view points on some issues. I see Obama as a great VP to Edwards or to Gore or Edwards/Richardson as his VP.

We need a party builder and a progressive thinker for President...Hillary fails on all counts.

Bill In Asheville said...

Well, that's good.

A big loss in the primaries should see the end of that self-serving war-voting DINO.

Anonymous said...

Some things to think about...

Environmentalism and Democracy
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