Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bush's 'spur of the moment' Presser

President Bush announced a last minute press conference this morning. It's a rarity when he actually appears before reporters to answer questions. I suppose the reason it was last minute was so reporters had little time to prepare for tough questions for the Decider-in-Chief. Of course, that gives him more credit than he deserves because pretty much any question for him is a tough one.

After attempting to move attention away from his miserably failing Presidency, he urged Congress, who isn't even in session, to pass some education initiative to increase American competitiveness in education and trade. Then the questions came.

I was a little distracted working on something else, but I heard a couple things that stood out. For instance, he was asked how he expected to balance the budget, address infrastructure challenges, pay for new proposals, and continue to fund the War. His completely idiotic response had something to do with Congress not having the right priorities. He must have missed the newsflash that all domestic spending would have to be cut 40% in order to balance the budget. This tenuous position is a direct result of nearly $2 trillion in tax cuts since he took office and nearly half a trillion dollars spent on the War in Iraq.

He's also still spouting rhetoric about the War on Terror, aka, Rove's failed attempt at instituting permanent conservative power. He still doesn't get it. It's this rhetoric that has permanently driven his approval rating below 30%. The stunning thing is that Democrats and Moderate Republicans have failed to GET IT also. They have already missed the opportunity to change the direction in Iraq twice. When they return in September, they'll have another opportunity. I suggest they take it or the can expect their approval rating to dive as well.

I wish I could break down the entire press conference for you, but that would take more space than you or I would care to use. Besides, it pretty much sums it up by saying that Bush just continues to be an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

To your statement, "The stunning thing is that Democrats and Moderate Republicans have already missed the opportunity to change the direction in Iraq twice. When they return in September, they'll have another opportunity...", I respond:

I am old (56 years). I remember Tonkin ('64) and Cronkite coming out against the Vietnam War ('68). Campus unrest peaked in '70 or '71, and McGovern lost in '72, but the War didn't end until a U.S. helicopter reeled in its last Saigon Embassy employee ('75). A rivoting photo:

By these measures, Iraq has many years to go, during which time our vaulted Democrats and Moderate Republicans will only continue to run and hide.

(My highest regards for your fine blogging efforts.)

Bill Larsen
36 Webster Park Road
Southington, CT 06489
Cell: 860-839-1428

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