Monday, December 18, 2006

Global Warming is a Conspiracy Theory

Global warming is real. But, it just might, maybe be a vast-right conspiracy.

In recent years, population trends have seen major growth in Coastal areas. The two biggest Democratic voting areas are the Coasts, and large population centers. Should the ice caps melt and the water level rise, the entire Democratic vote could drown!

That's why Republican have prevented clean fuel research, better gas mileage standards, and alternative energy resources. It's a conspiracy I tell you!! :)


LimaBN said...

You're on the right track - the Third Coast ("New Orleans" to the rest of us) has already drowned, and their strongly Democratic population has been dispersed into political nothingness.

Meanwhile, billions of tax dollars are being handed out to BushCo, with nothing being delivered.

And Karl Rove says he's "retiring."
Oh please. He's just getting started.

steveneclem said...

This idea is preposterous. Almost as preposterous as the idea that our government would allow its own citizens to wait on their rooftops for days/weeks for rescue from a storm. Or that it would allow gas and electric prices to skyrocket while supply is plentiful. Or that it would willfully supress thousands of votes because they might tip the balance of power away from the current Pres....oh, wait. Never mind. Sigh.

Max S. Blachman said...

Congrats on the Time article, Lane. I'm not sure about the conspiracy theory, but I wouldn't put anything past this Republican party. I have no intention of drowning. I live on the coast, but if the sea level rises then I'm getting a boat.

Erik said...

nice new picture! let's hang out when you're in town next week!

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