Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bush's Photo Op Snubbed by Ford Family

The children of late President Gerald Ford spent every hour of public viewing in the United States Capitol to greet tens of thousands of everyday Americans who came to pay tribute to their father. When President George W. Bush showed up, the Ford children were nowhere to be seen.

According to a Capitol Hill source, Bush is the only person to have the Rotunda cleared for his visit, bringing a screeching halt to the public's visit to the casket. Other former Presidents and political VIP's went to the front of the line, but nonetheless greeted fellow mourners while paying their condolences. Further, Bush reportedly spent only seven seconds at the casket and promptly left the building.

While the nation, including Democrats and Republicans alike, joins together in honoring the service and life of a former President, Dubya doesn't seem to get it. Instead, he seems to just be going through the motions.

In his New Year's message to America, wherein he offered scant comments on the passing of Ford, he launched into a defense of his failed Iraq Policy.
"Defeating terrorists and extremists is the challenge of our time, and we will answer history's call with confidence and fight for liberty without wavering," he said.

Perhaps that he is so politically tone deaf is the reason the Ford children decided not to welcome the President during his visit to the casket. I don't blame them one bit.


Malgoska said...

I imagine when Bush the elder croaks, Dubya will be sad for one reason only: he will worry about who will take care of his sorry ass when daddy's gone.

Adam Fulford said...

George W. Bush is bad for America and bad for the world. Latching onto every avenue of sociopathic corporate greed, including Halliburton and other oft-convicted taxpayer-looting shyster war profiteers, and weakening all American advances to protect individual rights, society at large, and the earth's natural environments, George W. Bush is a disgrace to the human race. The Overwhelmingly Fascist Media has knowingly aided and abeted his crimes, as well as assisting through spreading misinformation, the attacks American voters in the War Against American Voters. Go to www.bradblog.com and www.rawstory.com and other venues that actually practic journalistic integrity to get some of the news that dishonest mainstream news media (overwhelmingly fascist as it is) hides from you.

Jaimie said...

gawd what an asshole. he ought to be shuffled off to gitmo in a straitjacket and legirons

jurassicpork said...

First of all, Lane, congrats on bringing down Foley with StopSexPredators. I and a few other bloggers made sure that you got the proper credit.

Secondly, it seems odd, doesn't it (if not monstrously ironic) that a man who has caused so much death in the world seems strangle unmoved by it. That would fit most peoples' definition of a sociopathic disorder.

I welcome your new blog. It's good to have you out of the shadows.

jurassicpork said...


Freudian slip for a lib blogger talking about Republicans, I guess.

Tim said...

W also said in that radio address: "Gerald Ford ... always put the needs of his country before his own, and did what he thought was right, even when those decisions were unpopular. Only years later would Americans come to fully appreciate the foresight and wisdom of this good man." Excuse me, but self-absorbed special pleading thinly disguised as eulogy is about as tacky as you can get, but I guess that's no surprise here.

kb_man said...

Secondly, it seems odd, doesn't it (if not monstrously ironic) that a man who has caused so much death in the world seems strangle unmoved by it. That would fit most peoples' definition of a sociopathic disorder.

Bush has SOME kind of weird death complex going on. When he was real young he had a sister die and there was apparently a lot of strangeness surrounding the whole affair. For example, I read that Babs went golfing the day after her funeral. I think they also kept her condition a secret from little gw or something like that.

I suspect that he can't handle being around dead bodies for very long. The question is whether its because he's afraid he'll break down sobbing, or break out laughing.

If I were forced to place a bet on this I'd choose the latter.

I found a reference from Dr. Justin Frank's book Bush on the Couch

George Bush's next-eldest sibling, Robin, died of leukemia at the age of three, when he was seven years old himself. Frank argues that this loss, and the way his parents handled it, has had a lasting impact on Bush's psyche.

At the time she became ill, Robin was the future president's only sibling (although Jeb Bush was born before she died) and a favorite playmate. His parents never told him that she was sick, although he was asked to stop playing with her. Only after her death did they disclose to him her illness, which had lasted longer than doctors expected it to and had led the Bushes on a frantic quest back East to find a specialist who could treat her. These efforts kept them away from their son for long stretches of time, and he was not present when Robin died, nor at her burial.

After the service in Connecticut, Barbara and George H.W. Bush returned to Houston the next day. There was no further attempt at closure or a protracted mourning process, in keeping with WASP mores of the time.

Joe said...

you said the secret service cleared the room. does that mean they made the Ford children leave or did the children leave because they did not want to be there with him.

Mike said...

Good site, thanks for the great catch on Foley. I always thought it should have been Mastur-gate though. :)

Second, to Joe, I believe they made the "public", or us great unwashed masses leave. The Ford family plus any other politicians, or ex-politicians, do not get excluded. What they actually did was to cut off the line at some point outside the building and made everyone behind the mark wait while the ones in front of the mark filed through and cleared out. Then Bush's sorry ass drove up, stayed for 7 seconds, didn't see any photo-ops set up for him, and then hauled ass.

Anonymous said...

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MistahCharley said...

Actually, Elliot, as I found very quickly by using Google, there IS a carrot jam recipe available, at


As for the Ford funeral rites, I noticed that Kissinger was among those giving eulogies at the National Cathedral. I went on a tour of the National Cathedral a few years ago - it is a majestic and expensive pile of stone and collection of works of art - but the tour guide never said a word about the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Oh well.

That Kissinger remained in office under Ford, and now appears as an intimate adviser of Bush the Lesser, confirms my conviction that, if we are to re-align our country with its ideals [and this is a project which may or may not succeed], it is necessary to get the public to pay attention to "the men [and women, but mostly men] behind the curtain" - or what is being done behind the curtain by the "stars of the show."

bryan said...

Bush was right when he said that "Defeating terrorists and extremists is the challenge of our time...". Bush himself is both an extremist and a terrorist: he and the neocons who put him in power need to be removed. I believe the future of our country depends on it.

oregon7 said...

The hatred and paranoia that is expressed on this page and elsewhere, the assignment to one human being of the actions of a multitude, including both Dems and Repubs, is sickening.

It would be nice to imagine that one single individual could be responsible for so many actions, but please study your American history and evaluate how the system works: look over the voting record of your elected officials and observe how they also participate in decisions.

And get over your unrelenting and unhelpful hatred of everyone who does not agree with you. That attitude is tearing our freedom down.


David said...

President Ford's crossing represents a revisitng of the events before, during and after the illegal incursion of vietnam and then the illegal pardoning of nixon and then the creamed-filling (as Tim wrote) that looks and sounds like 'self absorbed, special pleading thinly veiled as eulogy'. Ford revealed his true feelings about the illegal Iraq incursion upon his crossing; the majority feels the same way. the wheels are about to come off of this bush & dick pony show. The GodDess of Liberty shall render Divine Justice for all crimes commited against Humanity, the Earth and All Life on the surface of this Water Planet. A new reality is dawning on our world and the end of poverty and want is at hand. Let's keep helping each other in different ways and to continue to realize the intense connection we all share with each other. Peace & Inner Strength Through Unity *+*++*+*+***+*+*+

uberpatriot said...


The only "hatred and paranoia" expressed on this page is the hatred of ignorance, delusion, and avarice, and the paranoia that these evils will not be curtailed soon enough. And the "one human being" you refer to is the Commander in Chief -- the President -- the one at whose desk the buck is supposed to stop, whose administration has had a strangle hold on federal government the past five years, so if you think he's being assigned more that his fair share of the blame for the current sorry state of affairs, you just haven't been paying attention. Furthermore, it's childish to suggest that the commenters here imagine and take comfort in imagining that he is solely responsible for "so many actions" (I would say "disasters"), and advise us to study our American history -- many of us have, which is why we think the actions of our current president and his administration and supporters pose more grave a threat to our freedom than any "attitude" we might have.

As for our alleged "unrelenting and unhelpful hatred" of those who disagree with us...

SOD OFF you contrary git!

codypup said...

w00t!!! all this blame assigned to just one man? no thank you very much for asking... we attribute it to bush...rummy... the big dick...whiteon Rice... the gop congress... loserman... wolfy... the rightwing press... the flafelman... and a host of other lacky. i'll add in powell and all the pussy generals who knew better but only speak out after they retire.

Human said...

Peace to you and Yours Lane. A fine blog. I'll link ya just on merit.

As for those who excuse the Dems complicity in the Carnage don't forget -

..... all the Dems who Voted for the "Iraq Resolution", which was an abdication of Congressional Responsibility. On a question of War, We deserve an Up or Down vote.

..... Dems who Voted for ill named Patriot Act.

Letting these Dems off will cost big in the long run.

'course the Dem Misleadership is why I'm a Independent.


Maeven said...

What makes you think it was the family, and not Bush who didn't want a public photo op? Or the Secret Service (more likely) for the clearing of the public from the Rotunda?

Maeven said...

'course the Dem Misleadership is why I'm a Independent.

It's because you're an Independent (instead of remaining in the Democratic party and working within the party) that Republicans (conservative Democrats, DINOs, the DLC) managed to infiltrate and take over the Democratic party, and will continue to keep the nation tacking rightward until the nation is firmly a fascist dictatorship.

Being an Independent serves the corporate elite. They are delighted that you are an Independent. You dilute the vote.

Remaining an Independent is at your own expense, and everyone else's, too.

Maeven said...

I think you mistakenly assume that the Ford family intended any snub of Bush. Even if they don't like him and his policies (and if they don't, they're doing a damned good job of hiding it with their rapt attention, head nodding and smiling at Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld while they deliver their eulogies), they are a seasoned political family. The Ford family earns their livings by their political connections and allegiances, particularly to the Republican party. All of them. Don't forget that Gerald Ford was the first U.S. President to turn retirement from the White House into a jobs program (with speeches to and by becoming paid members of corporate boards everywhere). There isn't one member of that family that has earned a living without trading on the father's name.

I have a question for you, off the subject:

If I remember correctly, you surfaced with www.stopsexpredator.blogspot.com about 3 months before the Foley scandal broke. You began it as a general "stop sex predators" blog and no sooner had the Foley IMs hit the news, you stopped publishing.

Is there no sex predation anymore?

Were you aware of the Foley's story before it hit the mainstream media, and created the blog to be able to move the story along?

Mulkum said...


You are the perfect example of how one person can make a BIG difference.

Bush wants history to look back on him positively, it will not.

You on the other hand have earned your footnote in History just by doing The Right Thing.

Something most conservatives today appear to have no concept of. Unfortunately, for us and the rest of the world.

You may have noticed that they tend to accuse others of the very things they are guilty of.

Watching the Republicans in their pathetic attempts to paint the losses in November's elections as anything but what it really was:

A vote against them and their attempts to destroy all that is good about this Country.

trogg said...

King George defines the word "asshole." Until enough Americans (and Congress) realize that and stand up and demand change, the asshole will do what he damn well pleases.

ADinDB said...

When my 86 year old mother started screaming at the funeral on TV I walked over to investigate her outcry.

For some unfathomable reason George W. Bush was escorting the widow down the aisle. Obviously his most inappropriate photo-op since his uniformed Mission Accomplished shot.

Disgusting and disrespectful.

jack patzer said...

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