Monday, March 19, 2007

Bush's Stupid, Pointless Speech and Spineless Senators

I swear, George Bush is a total idiot. I am watching his remarks on the 4th anniversary of this disastrous war. He couldn't even walk through the door with grace.

Then, he started out by saying that we embarked four years ago to remove Saddam Hussein from office and to remove the threat he posed to the region.

What a crock! This is yet ANOTHER angle that the George "Idiot" Bush is using. First, it was to prevent the production of WMD's. Then it was about freedom. Now it is about us deciding who is fit to lead another nation. Hell, we suck at picking people to lead our own nation! We're the last country in the world to figure that one out. Unfortunately, it's more than six years too late.

Now, Bush is telling us how great things are in Iraq and that he has JUST gotten an update from the Iraqi Prime Minister. Breaking news.....wait for it: We should know that the "new strategy" is at the beginning stages.

Enough of Bush's remarks. It's nothing we haven't heard before. He should stop banging his head against the wall. The American people have given up on him and this war. Talk about being politically tone deaf! He must really feel like an idiot to have declared "Mission Accomplished" so long ago. But he still has the nerve to come to us asking for our patience.

Here's the reality of what we've done. We have staged a failure of a military action in Iraq. We have ultimately destabilized the region because, while stumbling through this war, we have failed to engage anywhere else in the region in a meaningful way.

We have ignored Iran and that has caused their President to engage in reckless activity to gain any attention or respect. There has been no meaningful engagement in the Palestinian/Israeli peace issue. Syria is cozying up with Iran in defying the United Nations and the United States. Kuwait and Egypt must be wondering when Bush/Cheney/Rice will get their heads out of their asses and make some progress diplomatically in the region.

The new Democratic Congress has a responsibility to express the will of the American people. Speaker Pelosi has provided meaningful leadership in the House of Representatives. Majority Leader Harry Reid can't get anything passed in the Senate. He can't even get a majority of the vote to favor ending this war.

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas joined with shameful non-Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman in opposing a Resolution calling for a timely withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. This is an issue that is fundamental to America's place in the world. They don't have the courage it takes to serve honorably in the U.S. Senate and should not be treated as such by the Democratic Party.

While I'm talking about spineless Senators, I should also mention the Republicans who have publicly opposed Bush's policy on Iraq. They include Susan Collins of Maine, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, John Warner of Virginia and Gordon Smith of Oregon. Only Senator Smith of Oregon voted appropriately.

The rest of them are an embarrassment. Their public statements on Iraq are not reflected in their votes on the issue. They are liars and cowards. I hope that the voters of their States will hold them accountable.

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