Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Friend, Mona Sahlin....

Many of you know that I was in Sweden for my friend's 50th Birthday party. Since I planned my trip, she was nominated to be the first woman to lead the Social Democratic Party of Sweden in it's long and storied history.

So, the trip had an unexpected element of excitement, as she was officially elected Leader of the Social Democrats on Saturday. As I do not yet speak or read Swedish, I'm limited in the news coverage that I can read about it.

Below, I'm putting two links. The first is a blog post by a good friend that I made while visiting Stockholm. He is the Editor in Chief of the Party newspaper. The second is from a website that reports Sweden's news in English. If you are interested in reading about my friend's exciting new position, please check them out. If she can bring her party back in the next election, she will be the first female Prime Minister of Sweden!




Razorwire said...

If you could read Swedish you would probably not consider Mona Sahlin to be your friend anymore. She is a political has been with a lot of scandals on her conscience. Her predecessor Göran Persson was seen on state television yesterday saying that "thinking is not one of Monas strong points".

The liberals of Sweden are happy to see that shes been elected cause it means that we probably want have to suffer under the rule of the social demoncrats for a long long time. :)

newsfortheleft said...


I have been following Swedish politics for many years and know much more about it than most Americans. Besides Mona being a personal friend of mine (and I'm extremely proud to say that), I know that she will be a great new Leader. The reason the Social Democrats lost the Government is because Swedes were tired of the "Bull Dog." Mona is personable, knowledgeable, popular, and dedicated to a better Sweden. Mona has made mistakes in the past, which she freely acknowledges. Those experiences have made her a much more confident Leader. I predict great success for the Social Democrats under her Leadership.

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