Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly

Dear Bill:

On yesterday's program, you had this to say:

I mean, they lie all the time. They -- I don't know whether you know this or not, but they contacted the Secret Service saying that there was somebody on threatening Senator Clinton. I mean, this is how insane these people are.

Hmmmm. So, you have the nerve to call me insane. And by 'me' you mean the mysterious 'them.' You also say I lie all the time. And by that you mean 'THEY' lie all the time.

Come on Bill, get real. The insanity in this discussion is how hypocritical you are. You have called open forum discussions 'bull' on more than one occasion, stating that "these things can be moderated." This was the basis for your attacks on Daily Kos, a widely respected blog, and a sponsor of YearlyKos Convention, which is associated with the former by name only. I wonder if you or your producer decided to shortchange the facts on that.

But, thanks to the handiwork of John Aravosis at AmericaBlog, we know that your own blog contains many of the same hateful, vile comments that you have criticized liberal blogs for. You may not understand the nature of the blogosphere, so let me tell you a little bit about it. Millions of people engage in the reading of and commenting on their content. Of course you're going to get some foul language and hateful remarks when you've got that many people. It's the nature of free speech.

The difference, however, is that none of the liberal blogs and websites are being investigated by the Secret Service. Yours is. Will you cooperate and identify the member of that posted the threatening comment?

In your asinine comments on your show yesterday, you didn't even bother to say that the comment that I referred to the Secret Service actually existed. Further, you didn't take responsibility for the threatening comment on your website, furthering your hypocrisy.

But, then again, I haven't come to respect much from you or your show. You're nothing more than the classic shock jock with a video camera. In the future, please stop referring to your program as a news show. It's an opinion show. And, in my opinion, yours is wrong.


Lane Hudson

P.S.- I just saw the clip from your show tonight where you accused Jane Hall of lying. You're the liar. You had the hateful comments on your website that she said you did. They were not immediately removed. You should be ashamed and you're a coward for cutting off her microphone. Of course, that's typical when you're trying to cover your a**.


Anonymous said...

Lane, you are a twit. No harm was mentioned. You're blowing something out of proportion that is nothing.

If anyone were do actually consider doing harm to Ms. Clinton, they wouldn't speak about it.

Likewise, I've heard of some groups wanting to do harm if Obama or Clinton were to take office but I'd doubt if such things would transpire. It's sad but some people don't like change.

Anonymous said...

Good job Lane.
Bill O'Reilly is nothing but an Irish drunkard that never received any attention from his dad and now seeks attention by talking smack.

I haven't had any respect for that waste of space from day one.

Enjoy your comments.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. You report someone to the SS for making an off-hand comment about someone they apparently don't like? And you think that makes you a "responsible person"? Personally, I think you're the one that needs to get real.

Anonymous said...

So, have you called SS on threats against our president? Or on any republican, they are out there (read the KOS site article comments). Why one and not the other? A true citizen would report on either side. This is my problem with both parties, you both act like idiots. Fuming at anything that doesn't go with your ideals. Both sides, right and left only care about themselves. Both sides have fights within their ranks, smearing people of their own party to better their chances at winning. Really, its nothing more than douchbaggery. Sadly, neither side really cares about the wellbeing of the United States, just themselves.

Both sides are nothing more than giant, outdated sloths that are doing what they can to keep their outdated ideals the most dominate. Is there a better solution? Maybe or maybe not. Humans are better than this, or so I've always thought.

What ever happened to Honor, Respect and compassion? Neither side ever expresses it unless its to better their chances at taking control.

Such sad beings a lot of us have become. Controlled by our religion, other's perceptions and greed.

I respect those who fight for their ideals and what they believe in. I don't respect people who discard their honor, compassion, loyalty to their families and their own beliefs in attempts to force their beliefs on others, smear others unjustly or stoop to the level of those that have no honor.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike Bill O'Reilly, I simply can't believe you reported someone to the secret service for merely thinking something. Wow! I though freedom of speech was scared, let alone the freedom to think whatever you want.

In Nazi Germany, people were detained and usually killed for having unpopular thoughts and opinions. Is that what you want here?

You should call the Secret Service back up, apologize for wasting their time, and tell them how you overacted for someone merely having "thoughts" in which you disagreed with.

Anonymous said...

ah, you hear that Murdoch is buying the Dow Jones Index, right?


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