Friday, August 3, 2007

YearlyKos: The O'Reilly-Free Zone

Here in the Windy City, we're half-way through the first day of the 2007 YearlyKos Convention. So far Bill O'Reilly hasn't made an appearance. However, 1500 progressive bloggers, activists, and staffers have come together to spend four days working to move America along the pathway to a better future.

O'Reilly tried his darndest to scare our sponsors, intimidate our Presidential candidates, and obstruct our work. He failed miserably.

Panel discussions, Round Tables, workshops, and hallway conversations are happening non-stop. Republicans and Fox Newsies continue to fear what might happen when 1500 dedicated, intelligent progressives set their sights on reclaiming a nation hijacked by right-wing ideologues and an Administration without regard to the truth or the rule of law.

As August sets in, let's take a moment to reflect on seven months of Democratic majorities in the Congress. On the House side, Democrats passed every piece of legislation that was promised as a part of their "First 100 Hours Agenda". The U.S. Senate has passed, well......not many. It is not for a lack of trying to pass meaningful legislation. After all, Harry Reid and party leaders were able to pass a supplemental appropriations bill that included a time table for withdrawing the American troops from Iraq. That was killed with one stroke of W's veto pen.

It is clear that America is being hindered by the obstructionism of Republicans. Recovering from a stinging defeat in the 2006 election, they have dug their heels in and dedicated themselves to stifling progress in America.

Where Bill O'Reilly failed in preventing a successful opening of YearlyKos, Republicans are succeeding at in the Congress. Obstructionism is alive and well in Washington.

Over the next month, while W is on the ranch in Crawford and members of Congress return home, we should all keep in mind what is keeping America from moving forward. Republicans. If your Republican Senator is holding a Town Hall over August, hold them accountable by asking why they won't allow up or down votes on nearly every major bill in the U.S. Senate.

Today at 1pm here in Chicago, The Campaign for America's Future will hold a press conference highlighting the immoral action of Republicans to obstruct progress in passing meaningful legislation and end the war in Iraq.

Speaking at the press conference will be Congressman George Miller (D-California), Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois), Robert Boorosage (Co-Director, Campaign for America's Future), and Brad Woodhouse (President, Americans United for Change).

Also, today will see the release of a special effort highlighting the obstructionism of Washington Republicans. News for the Left will be one of the first places to see this creative work. Don't miss out on this. It's going to be the talk of YearlyKos and will soon be the talk of America.


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