Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time For Offense

Democrats around the country need to learn to go on the offense and stay there. We've been playing defense for far too long. We may never again have the factors that contributed to our victories in 2006. So, we've got to learn to play hard and play smart.

Here are TWO ideas that State Parties should adopt. They are applicable to both Blue and Red States.

FIRST, all State Parties should attack any Republican House Member who does NOT support every aspect of the House Democrats' First 100 Hours agenda. Not only do each of these issues have widespread public support, but Republicans are voting in droves with the Dems. State Parties should make extra, strong attacks on any vulnerable Republican who is not voting for these issues. These Republicans should face questions from their local press as often as possible about their opposition. It will slowly build a body of unfavorable press coverage that will come in handy come 2008.

On the flip side, the State Party organizations should work to promote their Democratic Members that are supporting the agenda. This is particularly important for new Members. The DCCC cannot be expected to support our incumbent protection efforts alone. We need engagement at the State and Local level.

SECOND, in early Primary States, there is an opportunity to gain favorable coverage by using the Iraq War. The Republican Presidential candidates will be travelling often to these States. This will give State and Local Party leaders the opportunity to push for hardened opposition to escalating the war. The more we can get them on the record for supporting it, the harder we can hit them for their lack of responsiveness to public opinion. For State and Local Republican Party Leaders that support 'pro-escalation' candidates, they CAN and SHOULD be called to task for supporting this policy by way of their endorsement. Even in Red States, we can continue to drive public opinion in opposition to the War in Iraq.

We should also continue to press Democratic candidates for President on this issue. There is NO room for a Democratic Presidential candidate that supports the failed policies of President Bush.

By utilizing this strategy, we can not only control the debate, but win it. By attacking State and Local officials for their Presidential endorsement of pro-escalation candidates, we can also make inroads in non-Federal elections in those States.

Please urge your party Leaders to have an agenda and be aggressive about it. We must NOT let Republicans get away with the failed policies of the past or not supporting the initiatives the public has clearly asked for.

Here is how you can reach the Early Primary and Caucus State Parties. There should also be links to local parties within the State websites. Click here for the DNC's interactive map of State Parties for other contact information.

Iowa Democratic Party
5661 Fleur Dr
Des Moines, IA 50321
515-244-5051 (fax)
Chair: Scott Brennan; Vice Chair: Sarah Swisher; Executive Director: Mike Milligan

New Hampshire Democratic Party
2 1/2 Beacon Street
Concord, NH 03301
603-225-6797 (fax)
Chair: Kathleen Sullivan; Vice Chair: Raymond Buckley; Executive Director: Nick Clemons

Nevada Democratic Party
1325 E. Vegas Valley, Suite C
Las Vegas, NV 89109
702-735-2700 (fax)
Chair: Hon. Tom Collins; Vice Chair: Teresa Benitez-Thompson; Executive Director: Alison Schwartz

South Carolina Democratic Party
1529 Hampton Street, Suite 200
Columbia, SC 29201
800-765-1692 (toll free)
803-799-7798 (local)
803-765-1692 (fax)
Chair: Joe Erwin; Vice Chair: Carol Khare Fowler; Executive Director: Lachlan McIntosh


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