Saturday, January 20, 2007

White House Vales (some) Life

The White House has declared tomorrow "National Sanctity of Life Day." But they don't really meant it.

This sure is a great concept. Unfortunately, The Karl Roves of the world have hijacked the phrase for the sole use of the right wing nuts. We should value all life, right? George Bush and his the right wing only seem to value the life of the unborn. Heck, although I'm pro-choice through and through, I value the future people of the world too.

Here's the hypocrisy: George Bush has just ordered more than 20,000 American troops to join around 150,000 troops already in Iraq. Since the war began, we've lost more than 3,000 American soldiers and nearly 30,000 have been wounded. Nearly 60,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed as well. This is in a war that yields no positive benefits for the United States. So far, it's produced a Civil War for the Iraqi people, with many more deaths to follow.

If George Bush wants to value the "Sanctity of Life," then he should do just that and not pick and choose based on right wing ideology or right wing politics.