Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hillary's first campaign ad

It's on the air in Iowa and it's called invisible. She talks about the different kinds of people that have been invisible to the Bush Administration and how she'll be different. I have to admit, I think it's great. I'll be looking to see what Edwards and Obama come up with in Iowa, and when they go on the air.

Hillary seems to be making a move to overtake Edwards in Iowa. It's the only early Primary State that she's not leading in. I'd say this commercial is a good first effort to give Hillary more warmth and depth as a candidate. There is still a ways to go, but I think they know what their challenges are!


phil_in_ny said...

I really like Hillary, although as a liberal blogger, I get a lot of heat for my support.
I also like Edwards. I think if Hillary gets the nomination, Edwards should run with her.

Anonymous said...

Let us PRAY Hillary don't get nominated!!!

Anonymous said...

Hillary is an excellent "politician". And those who care about nothing other than "winning" have good reason to consider her.
Her understanding of "Christian marriage" isn't exactly "Christian". It isn't even "marriage" by ANY religious or spiritual meaning; and is grounds for divorce BECAUSE it doesn't even meet a purely secular "legal" definition.
Her respect for "women's rights" left Paula Jones, Cathrine Willy and numerous others feeling a bit "violated".
She only violates legal process and public disclosure when it's "important"; like her back-room committee to socialize health care. But she'll tell us when something is "important".
And on.
However, while these thing make a rather unpleasant and offensive human being, they currently have no negative affect on "electability". And a politician who is willing to compromise, sacrifice or betray ANYTHING, well they sure do get votes.

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