Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Turd Blossom's Legacy

Chris Cilizza, Anne Kornblut, and Michael Shear, write in the Washington Post today about the legacy that Karl Rove hoped to have on America: building a long term conservative majority in America. Reasonable folks disagree on what his lasting legacy will be.

Personally, I think his legacy is propping up a moron and getting him elected President. He then set out to manipulate our governmental institutions for solely political purposes. After September 11, he seized on national pride and twisted that for political purposes as well: weakening the Constitution, breaking laws, and bastardizing the institutions and process of the political system. I think his legacy is that he misused power and that America saw through it, FINALLY, and that the only person tearing up over his leaving is himself. As John Edwards said in his statement, Good riddance!

What does the average American think that Rove's legacy is? Given that it collectively has well over a million hits on YouTube and that it was broadcast on television to millions more, his legacy is probably the embarrassing moment that we've all come to know as "MC Rove".