Sunday, August 12, 2007

Markos vs. Harold Ford on Meet the Press

This morning, Markos appeared on Meet the Press with former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford. Aside from the fact that Harold Ford chairs the Democratic Leadership Council, he is also a Fox News Analyst. Last week, he attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, claiming he was abandoning the troops.

Markos did a great job of explaining what the Netroots Movement is about: people powered politics, where millions of people dictate the direction of our movement, NOT a dozen people meeting around a board room table.

DLC=Old Way. Netroots=New Way.

The sooner people like Harold Ford realize it, the better. Then we can truly work together to create a governing progressive majority. Get on board or get out of the way.


Randall said...

Lane: Great post! What I would like the DLCers to realize is they are merely transitional, a step towards reclaiming progressive America from the radical right.

BTW, I really appreciated your 8/2/07 participation in the YearlyKos panel. Thank you.

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