Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ann Coulter Pro Gay???

Everybody has been talking about the hate spewing out of Ann Coulter's mouth during her speech at the Conservative mecca/meeting, CPAC. Clearly, she's doing what she does best: talking trash that gets her attention and the adoration of the most hateful people in America.

I'm hesitant to give her the time of day or any attention at all. Heavens forbid I help propogate her vindictiveness. So, Let me just say that she's a hateful, worthless, person.

That being said, there is something that hasn't gotten any attention from her speech. After her now-famous Edwards/faggot comment, she said something even more interesting. She insisted that she and the Republicans weren't anti-gay, just anti-gay marriage.

In the comments that ensued, she basically said that, just like blacks, she couldn't believe that gays aren't Republicans. She said "gays make a lot of money and are victims of crime." And, that "Republicans are anti-tax and anti-crime."

Hmmmm.....was that a tacit endorsement of including gays, lesbians, and transgendered folks in hate crimes law? I think it is!

So, the real story is that the right wing devil herself has endorsed pro-gay legislation. She may have even inadavertantly suggested that she was in favor of the Employment Nondiscrimation Act.

Instead of giving her attention for her usual hatefulness, let's embrace her for coming around to support equal rights for the LGBT folks who she usually hates. Perhaps she'll find a way to put it into more clear terms in the future. Until then, I'll take what I can get from that usually worthless b****.


Blueflash said...

It's too bad you don't recognize the import of Coulter's comment regarding gay people's supposed affluence. This is a standard right-wing tack to delegitimize our struggle: we're doing so well that our complaints amount to someone with a chocolate sundae moaning that there's no strawberry on top. It also serves to drive a wedge between us and a potential ally - blacks. The reality is that for the most part it's mostly educated gays who enjoy the economic security to come out and live an honest life. This allows for an impression that we're all vacationing in Tuscany and arguing over the virtues of Beaujoulais versus Pinot Noir. I've lived among gay people in the rural Midwest and sadly the closet remains very much the place to be if you don't care for total ostracism. Furthermore, serious studies have shown that when all demographic and educational variables are eliminated gay people can expect to earn LESS than their heterosexual peers..

Lane Hudson said...


thanks for your comment. you are entirely right. my post is meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek. it's tough to address all of the facets of an issue in one post.

so, i'm glad you did. thanks and please comment often.

linge said...

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