Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Climate THREAT

I just arrived in Stockholm today. It is a beautiful city. Tomorrow, I'll be visiting the Rikksdäg, which is their Parliament. Be sure to check back to see what I have to report from that.

One very interesting thing that I have heard today came from a European Union meeting that just ended today. The meeting was on the Global Climate Threat. It was of note to me because it is different language than we are using in the US. Global warming, and climate change just don't accurately reflect the situation. I think that Climate Threat is the language we need to be using to describe the challenge that is before us.

I also want to pass on some information that I got from a friend with regard to the US action on the Climate Threat. Basically, it sucks. We are not making any significant effort to curb our consumption of oil or our production of greenhouse gases. Did you know that in the United States, we average the consumption of 25 barrells of oil per person each year? That really doesn't mean much unless you have something to compare it to.

So, let's compare it to China. Don't forget that China is one of the reasons that we (and by that, I mean the idiot we have as President) pulled out of the Kyoto Treaty. There, they average consumption of 1/2 a barrell of oil each year per person. That is 1/50 the amount we consume in the US. Yeah, so.......why exactly are we using them as an excuse? If you figure that out, please let me know.

We should look to leaders in this area to find creative ways that we can cut consumption of oil and set up sustainable initiatives to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. It's been done here in Sweden and in many other places. It is time we stepped up to the plate.


Chandja said...

Hi Sir Hudson!

I am Marchie Jane C. Trangia, a second-year Mass Communication student in the University of the Philippines.

I was able to read the Time Magazine's Power to the People (Person of the Year), so I cam to know about your blog because it is one of the many blogs that was featured.

I admit your blog does not concern me because I am not an American citizen,moreover, I don't live in America.

Upon reading the article I got curious about your blog. Wow , because of your blog you were able to "kick-out" a representative in the U.S Congress.I admire you for your bravery and for your honesty.

I also learned you want to be a political consultant or political commentator. Why would you love to have such kind of job? I believe that those jobs are not easy. You might be able to hurt a politician and might risk your life. Anyway, I wish you all the best in your career.

I won't be able to comment about your blog because I am really not affected with the happenings in America.

Anonymous said...

Americans account for 5% of the world's population, but consume 25% of the energy used. If we are to have any chance of reducing the impact of global warming, Americans have to step up and end our addiction to fossil fuels. By moving to develop renewable energy sources, we would not only reduce greenhouse gases, but would also createnew technologies that American companies could sell and create new jobs. Clean energy would be a win-win situation.

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